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I am so glad you’re here. 

I strongly believe that everyday thoughtfulness and creativity make the world a better place and build a life well lived.

Thoughtfulness makes people feel valued, appreciated and cared for. Traditions and creating through crafts and celebrations big and small brings so much meaning to life.  


About a year ago, I started a monthly newsletter to share photos and updates with my family and friends after hopping "offline" in most other areas in my life. Each month, I combine things I’ve been enjoying in the craft world and overall happy seasonal things around me to share.  The monthly Jubilee newsletter sort of became a quilt of thoughtful and seasonal practices gathered from ideas shared by so many around me. Authors, artists, musicians, poets, friends, family, everyone has contributed to Jubilee in one way or another. ​I decided I needed a place to keep all the goodies from each month's newsletter, so, here we are!


Jubilee is not mine, it’s all of ours.

If you’re in a funk, may this collection give you some ideas to bring joy. 

If you’re feeling uninspired, may this light a small spark of creativity. 

If you’re on cloud 9, keep on celebrating all the good good and share ideas with us! 

I hope you can find even one idea helpful or fun. 

Keep on growing while staying true to you. Thanks for stopping by!


XO Olivia 


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