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Hosting Ideas 

We all love the idea of friends and family gathering together, however the planning and organization of it can feel daunting! Let me share some ideas to help you bring others together any time of year. 

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Virtual Happy Hour 

Now this one is great because you can host from your very own living room and involve friends who live anywhere!

1. Pick a date a time that works for everyone. 

2. Send out your virtual meeting invite. 

3. Feeling exciting? Pick a theme! We chose wigs and cheetah, why? Because we were knee deep in quarantine and needed to spice it up a little! 

4. If you really want to go above and beyond, surprise your friends with a drink delivered to their doorstep using a drink delivery app. Our friend Jen did this and it was SUCH a treat! She even gave us added some sweets to our friend's order who was pregnant at the time, thoughtful!

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Mail everyone a facemask ahead of time and have a little R & R and laughs with family or friends. 

Upcoming birthday? 

Sing with family and 

have your loved one blow out their 

candles via zoom!

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Virtual craft night! 

Have each pal grab the same supplies and craft away!

Favorite show Party 

Click the photo to learn more about hosting a get together to watch your favorite show with friends!

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Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.20.55 AM.png

Outdoor Movie Night

Host an outdoor (or indoor) movie night with friends and family. 

50 State Dates 

My husband and I started this when we were dating. We basically pick a new state/states to visit each year and do as much as we can when we are there!

-walks through the town

-try local's favorite food and drink 

-hikes, sightseeing, museums and more. 

In a town known for live music? Go!

In a town known for 'The Alamo'? Go! 

In a town known for their green chile recipes? Eat them. 

This will take a while, lifetime?, to complete but we sure love doing it. I always make us take a photo holding the State abbreviations, we then print the photo and pin it to a little cork board we have. 

Here are some cute ideas linked to the right. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.53.39 PM.png

Food and Drink Tour 

During January when things are bleak and gray, I wanted to get out of the house and do a little day trip. We went to Chico, where I went to college, and I wanted to pop in all my old haunts and try bites from each place. ​

-My favorite tea drink 

-A lunch spot we went to when our parents were in town 

-Frozen Yogurt 

-My favorite pizza place (which devastatingly was CLOSED!)

The food was NOT as good as I remembered, surprise surprise haha, but it was fun and nostalgic to be back. I realized if you are ever in a little town like this you can do your own little food/drink tour, it's always fun to bop around!

Lip Sync Texting 

Click the photos to find out about a fun texting game with friends near or far!​

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.47.27 PM.png

Food Taste Test 


MY brother, husband and I started doing these when there was literally nothing else to do during a Global Pandemic. 

Click the photo to the left to read some ideas and download your very own taste testing sheets! 

Hosting Essentials 

It's always kind to stock the fridge and cupboards with snacks and drinks you know your guest likes. 

When I went to visit my brother he made a little gift basket to welcome me!

Samples or extra toiletries? Put them in a little drawer or box for when visitors come. 


A charcuterie plate or mix of snacks are always a good idea whether it's a game night, celebration, or friends coming over for dinner. 

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